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Dark - Review Roundup #3

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-16 01:01:45

I managed to round up another round of reviews for Dark. Nothing new really seems reviewers don't like the game, but at least it's not as bad as Ride To Hell Retribution.

PCGMedia - Video Review

Justis takes a look at Realmforge Studio’s own DARK. This vampire-themed action-stealth-RPG is in a genre of its own and it sucks. That wasn’t a pun, it literally sucks.

DefaultPrime -  1.5/5

The Good- Skill point progression system helps move the game forward | Generally bug-free

The Bad- Frustrating level design often makes stealth impossible | Combat is laughably shallow | Saving the game is limited on all but the easiest skill level | Groan-worthy story and dialogue

ArcadeWednesday -  5/10

DARK has plenty of neat ideas, but never quite succeeds with them. It's easy to appreciate what Kalypso was trying to achieve. With that said, it's hard to recommend DARK to stealth and RPG fans, despite it's cool ideas. With poor combat, stealth mechanics, and weak story, it's best to avoid DARK as much as a vampire would to garlic.

DigitalChumps - 3.8/10

What little DARK gets right is far outweighed by what it doesn't. For those that simply must play everything in the genre or have an unusually high interest in vampires, DARK may offer some moments of satisfaction, but for everyone else it's safe to skip.

CramGaming - 7/10

Dark offers a different take on stealth gaming but is simply marred by poor game design and a real lack of purpose, bar moving through one area to the next. There’s some good ideas in this enjoyable game, but it’s perhaps not enough to make it recommendation for everyone. If you like stealth, then there’s certainly some fun to be gleaned here if one can overlook the faults, but anyone else is simply not going to enjoy the restrictive nature of the game.

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