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Legends of Dawn - Review @ Leviathyn

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-16 01:38:22

We have another review sent in to us for Legends of Dawn. This time it comes from a site called Leviathyn that gave the game a 6/10. I find it a fair score given the state if the game.

The storyline isn’t bad, but it isn’t anything special either. There were some memorable moments in the 10 hours of the game that I played, but there are also long stretches of gameplay that felt like a grind even though I was playing through the main quest line. Luckily the environment and variety of interactions with NPCs kept the gameplay interesting. It also has three separate trading guilds which adds a cool trading aspect not found in other older games. The combat… all there is to say is it’s monotonous.

One aspect of Legends of Dawn I really appreciated was the abolition of the class system. Instead of having to pick between being different professions players are able to customize their characters as they progress through the game. It’s easier to choose how I want to play a game after I’ve had the chance to play through it. It also allows for a much broader customization. The only problem is I’m still not sure the exact bonuses all of the attributes and skills give me, there’s no interface that explains the leveling up system.

All in all Legends of Dawn definitely isn’t the worst game out there. It’ll bring back some nostalgic feelings for old school PC RPG players, but it will also bring back some of the headaches old games have with a lack of user friendliness and lots of bugs. Honestly, you’d probably be better off playing the same old titles you used to play for the same nostalgic effect.

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