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Dragon Commander - New Video and Two Previews

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-17 01:40:44

Well another day and we have more news for Dragon Commander. Up first we have a new video from Larian Studios called Dragons at Work.

Next we have two previews.

Destructoid - "A day in the life of a jetpack-wearing dragon monarch"

I'm not sure what anyone else expected from Dragon Commander. It's a spin-off being developed by a studio known for its RPGs, so I'm guessing not a lot. And yet it's shaping out to be really rather splendid. I still have questions, though. I've yet to really pay much mind to the multiplayer, what with the lack of other players -- my peers are apparently too busy writing words to get beat up by me in a dragon scrap.

There are also a few niggling issues. If I have to hear the units spew their annoying, extremely loud stock phrases one more time I will kill someone. And research is, to put it bluntly, a wee bit boring. But I'm eager for more. The gags elicit guffaws, the strategy is compelling, and dragons are awesome. I wait with baited breath to see if I continue to enjoy myself when it comes out next month.

Penny-Arcade - "I came for the jetpack dragons, but stayed for the political intrigue"

Dragon Commander is really three games sort of smashed together. One is a role-playing game where you are emperor of the realm with all of the responsibilities that entails. In this mode, you're aboard the airship with the ability to visit several different rooms, meets with your generals and diplomats, and make decisions that will affect the realm. The visuals, music, and voice-acting in this part of the game are beautiful. The environments are interesting, the characters are superbly well animated, and the voice actors are top-notch. It feels a bit like the moments of Mass Effect when you're just talking things out with your crew.



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