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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Which Characters Will Come Back?

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-17 02:10:00

UniGamesity has written up a new article discussing the possible companions that might be back from the previous games.

BioWare has recently assured that Dragon Age Inquisition is still under development and it will only be released in 2014. Last month, during the annual E3, the company presented a small trailer that revealed part of the incoming plot, which will feature Morrigan, one of the main characters in Dragon Age Origins.

The eternal battle between mages and templars will be the main theme of this upcoming game; however uncertainty is basically what defines the current knowledge about Dragon Age Inquisition. Who will be the main character, the Inquisitor perhaps? And which characters will be the Inquisitor’s companions? Everything remains a secret, for now, but it seems that all this secrecy is about to break down soon enough.

BioWare started a twitter post a few days ago inquiring players about which characters they would like to see again. Maybe the story is not completely defined yet but there are certainly a few characters that will most likely return and some that have a great probability to be seen once again. This prediction can be easily supported by two main reasons: continuity, a character that was present in the last two games has a nearly granted spot in the third game; extreme relevance regarding the upcoming plot, characters that hold precious information about Inquisition’s storyline will probably return.

In this fantasy series every character has its own unique story, traits, skills and personal involvement with the world events, however there’s simply no time or space for everyone’s return. The chosen ones shall return to the magnificent world of Thedas but first, who are they?

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