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BioWare - Random Comments

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-18 02:18:39

Bioware has been busy lately on twitter announcing a few updates. First up Softpedia noticed a new tweet about the next Mass Effect game.

The next game in the series will take the franchise into a new direction with a new hero but, according to BioWare Montreal boss Yanick Roy, the title will welcome both longtime fans and new ones.

While talking on Twitter, Roy confirmed that, while it's unclear just how the story of the original trilogy will be delivered to new players, the game will share with them the backstory of the universe.

What's more, he also pledged that homosexual romance options will be available to players no matter the genre of their protagonist.

Next DSOgaming noticed BioWare’s Casey Hudson revealing that his team is currently working on a new IP for BioWare.

Admit it; Star Wars: KOTOR was one of the best Star Wars games. Good news then for everyone as BioWare’s Casey Hudson revealed that this talented team is currently working on a new IP for BioWare.

As Hudson pointed out, the Core team – the studio responsible for KOTOR that was also behind the Mass Effect series – is now working on a new, unannounced, IP project that will most likely hit next-gen platforms.

In case you’re wondering, this Core team is consisted of David Falkner (Lead Programmer), Steven Gilmour (Lead Animator), Casey Hudson (Producer / Project Director), Drew Karpyshyn (Lead Writer), James Ohlen (Lead Designer), Preston Watamaniuk (Assistant Lead Designer), Derek Watts (Art Director).


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