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Meriwether - Post-Funding Update #34

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-18 02:47:52

The latest post-funding update for Meriwether went unnoticed so to remedy it here it is. The topics include art, music, game design, and July 4th.


Let's start off with a little art. We are moving into high-gear with art production. The highly-detailed and historically accurate concept art Jiyoun has been creating for us is now starting to blossom into 3D models thanks to our 3d artists. Below, watch as Clatsop chief Coboway, whose concept art we included in an earlier update, moves from 3D wireframe to textured asset.


On the sound front, Jim Welch continues to dazzle us with his musical acumen. Lately, he's been working hard on creating a leitmotif for Sacagawea: a piece of music that is directly influenced and inspired by authentic Shoshone music. But as you will see from his paragraph below, it's no easy task, even for a veteran composer such as Jim:

"It's been a very interesting challenge trying to recreate the music of Native Americans. I have previously worked on projects that require tribal music with flavors of Native American sounds and quite a few tracks inspired by African styles. However, due to the attention to historical accuracy in this project, there is a need to create a truly authentic Native American sound, something most composers don't have experience with.


We have spent much of the last month working on the level featuring the Corps' meeting with the Shoshone. This is the moment when the Corps of Discovery discovers that there is indeed no all-water route across the United States: the darn Rocky Mountains stand in the way! But they still need to make it to the Pacific Ocean. So acquiring horses from the Shoshone is of paramount importance: without horses, they may not be able to continue their journey at all.

Proceeding On

Kyle is programming, Carlos is writing, Barb is history-ing, Jim is musicing, artists are arting, and Josh is doing everything. In short, we are continuing to make terrific advances on all game-creation fronts. As always, please let us know your comments either by responding below or writing to us directly

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