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Dragon Commander - Video Previews

by Myrthos, 2013-07-18 12:25:00

A short video preview for Dragon Commander of less than 3 minutes, but still trying to cover the entire game is available on Game Trailers.

Total Biscuit takes more time and brings us 32 minutes of video covering both RPG and RTS elements.

Finally, not a real preview or a video, but WarCry aks the question if Dragon Commander is the best next thing in eSports.

MMORPGs can get rather samey. You've got your shooters, your lane-based MOBAs, and of course your fifty million fantasy RPGs with the gold old elf 'n' orc combo. What can be done to spice up online play a little? How about... I don't know... some gameplay that revolves around jetpack-wielding dragons breathing fire on everything? That's what Divinity: Dragon Commander is offering here, and I can definitely imagine this as an epic shake-up to the current roster of eSports games, if this multiplayer video is anything to go by.

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