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Might & Magic X - Developer Blog Updates

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-19 00:51:50

Limbic Entertainment has posted a few more updates for Might & Magic X. Sit back and relax as this will be a long read/watch.

Limbic Entertainment Studio Tour

When reading through the different communities talking about Might & Magic X Legacy, we noticed that the German video of the studio tour from PC games / computec media was linked within other language speaking forums. Some of you guys even started translating some facts for your mates (thanks for that!)

However, some of the translation may have led to a few misunderstandings. ;) Therefore, we put some subtitles in English on the video, so all of you can watch it and understand the bottom line of what has been said.

Trainers and Character Development

Some of you have asked how character creation and development in MMX works. What happens automatically, where can I distribute points manually? And what role do the trainers play in MMX? Here's a small roundup! (Please note that all the screenshots have been made at the current state of production and are showing work in progress. Also, they have been cropped and scaled down to fit on the blog.)

And lastly a post showing us how to make that tasty looking dragon cake.Smile

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