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Dragon Commander - Preview @ PCGMedia

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-19 01:11:01

PCGMedia editor Michael Cromwell has posted the latest preview among hundreds this week titled, "Why Dragon Commander Isn’t All About Blobs – All the Units, Skills, and Abilities."

Yep. It’s another Dragon Commander article. Why? Well, we’re independent press, and they’re an independent developer. The fascinating thing about Dragon Commander is that it’s a game that would never in a thousand years be greenlit by a major publisher. Why is that fascinating? Because despite that, it’s looking to be a huge success, and, more importantly: it’s bloody good.

That’s really why we’re giving it so much coverage. We see it as something of a revolution. It’s privately funded by the money of the developer, and built from the imaginations of them. No creditors, no marketing meetings, and, probably, no suits. That’s cool, right.

This article contains most of the resources availiable to you in battle, explaining what they are, and their weaknesses and strengths. Take small tokes, friend, because you’re likely to whiteout.

Source: N4G

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