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Wasteland 2 - Audio Interview with Brian Fargo and Nathan Long

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-20 00:19:35

Through the Aftermath has an audio interview with Brian Fargo and Nathan Long. The Wasteland 2 Tumblr page also posted a summary of the interview.

Through the Aftermath’s 50th episode podcast talks with Brian Fargo and Wasteland 2 writer Nathan Long. It’s a really information-dense interview and well worth the listen, but also has some spoilers. They talk inspirations, writing post-apocalyptic stories, differences between Wasteland and Wasteland 2, carry-overs from Wasteland and nods fans will recognize. Nathan describes the story transition from Wasteland to Wasteland 2, Brian reveals one of LA’s cults and talks about playing around with the endgame depending on what you do in the game. Brian also talks about the beta and how inXile will gather feedback from it.

Source: InXile Entertainment

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