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Gods & Heroes - Interview @ Ten Ton Hammer

by Kalia, 2006-10-16 17:20:05

Ten Ton Hammer has posted an interview with Chris "Binky" Launius regarding Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising.

Ten Ton Hammer: There are beta players, and beta testers. What would you say is the difference between them? Do they both have a role to play?

Chris "Binky" Launius: A beta tester is a person who is going to play the game and try every single thing there is to do in the game. They will play classes they normally wouldn't play, and they will typically spend a lot of time trying to intentionally break the game. These are the people who will submit bug reports and feedback to the development team and become very active in communicating with the development team.

A beta player is a person who just wants to play a pre-release game, either because they are bored with their current game(s), don't like paying a monthly fee but want to play the game anyways, or "collect" beta tester badges as a status symbol. These players will most likely never submit a bug or feedback report and will often only communicate with the dev team or support staff when they have an issue with their character such as a lost item or whatnot.


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