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Might & Magic X - Your Questions Our Answers

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-23 01:23:50

Limbic Entertainment has answered some questions that were asked for Might & Magic X on it's open development blog.

Hi all,

Thank you very much for all your feedback and comments on our recent blog postings! There have been quite some questions, too and today I’d like to present you some answers to them! :)

What about releasing on GOG?”

We’ll definitely start releasing on Uplay and on Steam. If and where else the game might be released, is not yet defined / I am not able to tell right now. ;)

“I also miss the old "softskills" like disarm trap, identify item, perception, identify monster, alchemy. To be honest I am afraid this game will lose something which was very important for me in the old M&M Games: complexity.”

I understand that. However you might be pleasantly surprised, that you might find several of the old mechanics in a similar form but in a different way within MMX. This Open Dev Blog is still quite “new” and in the beginning we started introducing the project and the team etc. and only recently we started describing some of the game play mechanics. So there are still a lot more game mechanics and rules that we’ll reveal on the blog more in detail! As I just mentioned in my previous answer, there will still be a possibility to earn more gold even if there is no merchant skill (i.e. with the Negotiator as a hireling) and you will still be able to disarm traps (which will be depending on your attributes in might, magic and perception), just to mention a few.

Besides the skills, there will be spells, there will be Hirelings, and there will be blessings, artifacts etc. pp. Stay tuned for more info to follow on the blog soon! :)

Do you guys (Limbic devs) think paper dolls can be added in a MMX patch, or FREE DLC after its initial release?”

To be honest, a possible DLC and possible content therein has not yet been planned and will depend on your guys’ feedback!

However as some other users already mentioned, it’s quite some effort to implement paper dolls – just think of all the art that would need to be produced, for the characters themselves and for each and every equipment part (besides the technical mechanic implementation). So in the end I could imagine that priorities (time/budget) will also be taken into account, when looking at your guys feedback and that gameplay mechanics and game content will also play a big role, in comparison to paper dolls.

 Visit the link for more Q&A with images to go with them.Smile

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