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Dishonored - Up Up Down Down @ GameZone

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-23 01:27:32

GameZone takes a look back at Dishonored as part of it's Up Up Down Down weekly feature.

Up Up: Play your way

Arguably the main reason to play Dishonored is the openness that it presents you with. You can literally play the game in any number of ways, something that a lot of other titles claim but ultimately fail to deliver. If you want to stealth your whole way to the end and refrain from killing enemies, you can do so. Alternately, if you're one of those hard-boiled types, you could very well just stab and shoot your way through. If you're anything like me, you could also choose to mix the two styles and engage in both stealth and action. The options are there, and the choice is yours.

Down Down: Stealth can be a pain

If you choose to play Dishonored entirely as a stealth game, you're going to have to accept that it comes with some not-so-pleasant stealth game tropes. Aside from getting a bit repetitive, this genre is also known to cause copious amounts of frustration. This frustration is rooted in trial and error and requires more patience than some folks may have. I tried to play Dishonored this way, but after realizing that it was monotonously difficult and frustratingly tedious, I decided to only kill when absolutely necessary. You'll probably spend more time playing if you go the stealth route, but a lot of that time may be spent doing the same things over and over and failing repeatedly.

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