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Balrum - Update #8, Building Your Home.

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-23 01:49:28

The Balcony team is hard at work releasing more updates for it's kickstarter Balrum. Keep spreading the word as the game could use more funding.

Your home can be really important in Balrum. If you have a home people can visit you and even leave a quest or a note. If you sleep in your own bed you will gain various buffs for sleeping well. We give you total freedom in building your home. The only restriction is where you can build. This is not a real restriction because you will be able to build at hundreds of locations. You can build your farm right next to your home. Cooking, alchemy, creating weapons/armor and other skills will require special objects like crafting tables. You can build these „tables” right in your home.

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