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Neverwinter - Interview @ Laser Lemming

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-24 01:50:38

Laser Lemming has a community interview with Rob Overmeyer of Cryptic Studios about Neverwinter.

Future of the Foundry – Boss fights, group content, PvP as user generated content?”

“Actually, we’re working on all of those, but I can’t give release timeframes. Just ahead in our next update we are improving the 3D editing tool, making our catalog search better and adding a ton of new assets for authors to use in their quests.

Past that we are going to continue the partnership we have with our author community and decide what the next major update for the Foundry should be. We already know that both the authors and the developers want to create team-sized content with bigger monsters and larger quests. We also know that branching stories is something that has been requested by nearly all our authors.

PVP is a hot topic internally and a much-anticipated feature.

With all this enthusiasm for the growth of what authors can do with the foundry, rest assured that we have a big list and a full plate of features that we can work on.”

Will foundry content ever be categorized as epic? Perhaps if it were submitted for the developers to look at? I feel like I won’t have a reason to do a foundry dungeon over an epic dungeon when I hit 60 and am trying to improve my gearscore.

“I admit I am biased when it comes to Foundry content. If you are a fan of the Foundry you already know that there are some truly epic quests out there already. We do have plans to add the ability to make team scaling foundry quests (team content) and with that we will be looking at difficulty, scaling and rewards.”

Do you have any control over the Zen shop prices, or is that purely Perfect World Entertainment? I find the prices to be a bit too steep, and I’d rather see things like EXP, crafting, gold and item drop rate boosters over scrolls and stones.”

“The Zen shop prices are controlled by both Cryptic and PWE. It’s a collaborative effort.  We try to find a balance of what we think is appropriate pricing but It’s something that we’re always looking at. We even recently did a round of price reductions.  We take feedback from the community very seriously, so if players think an item is too high then it’s something that we will look at and try to address. The reality of the business is that we do offer an unprecedented amount of content free and that content we do charge for is convenience or aesthetic, but it’s always up for discussion.

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