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Neverwinter - Review @ PCGamer

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-27 01:11:01

PCGAMER has finally posted their review of Neverwinter and it's not excalty positive.

Mechanically, Neverwinter is solid, but its content is painfully behind the times and far too dull to stand up against the competition – especially when that includes (shudder) buy-to-play games rather than simply other free ones. Factor-in the chance for playercreated content to fill that gap, however, and for improved design features to enable that player creativity, and it seems likely things will feel much fresher in a few months’ time. Being this reliant on players to compensate for its lack of creativity isn’t exactly a point in Neverwinter’s favour. Giving them the power to do so, however, is. And that’s something other MMOs need to copy.

This is yesterday’s MMO by the merits of its own content, but compensates by potentially ushering in a DIY revolution.

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