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Balrum - Updates #14 &15

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-27 01:33:58

The Balcony team has released two more updates for Balrum. The topics talk about the games AI,writer, pets, voodoo, and new tiers.


Our AI system is affected by light and sound. This means that your footsteps might be heard, so if you want to be sneaky you should wear footwear that does not make a lot of noise! (of course you might want to create noise on purpose..to distract NPCs..noisemaker arrow..)

Also if you craft a weapon or create a camp..etc these activities make a lot of noise so be prepared to get unexpected visitors! :)
As mentioned before, light plays a big role in our game. If you are in a spot that is well lit , you will be easier to spot at night! (don't forget that you can disable torches on the wall with your water arrows!)

As you know by now we are creating a living world! (check out our X update) And a living world needs rules:

If someone sees you stealing the guards will be alerted, or not if the person who saw you thinks that he can take you by himself!
If you sleep in a bed that is not yours don't be surprised if you will get thrown out of that bed.

Don't even try to steal from a farm that is not your own, people will know that you are a thief and might not talk to you. (if you get caught of course)
If you start a fight and there was no apparent reason to your violence, the guards will come for you!

There are other reason why you can get in trouble like if you practice magic at a place where it is prohibited or if you run around waving your weapon in a high security area.

It's not cheap to erease your criminal past!

There are options to save yourself, use the "forget" spell or simply get rid of the person who saw you. Although these options are only going to help you if the guards have not been alerted yet!

You will see patrolling guards and even monsters and this is where sneaking will be a really helpful skill.


After we get funded we will hire a writer who will help us create high quality texts for the game.

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