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Might & Magic X - Composers Q&A

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-27 01:41:54

Limbic Etertaiment has a Q&A with the Mucic Composers Roc Chen and Jason Graves.

What's your relationship to Might & Magic?

Jason Graves: I composed music for Might & Magic: Heroes VI and its expansion pack, Shades of Darkness.

Roc Chen: Like most M&M players, I've been a fan of the Might & Magic series since I was in school. In the daily life of my childhood, normally there were two things to do after school: Play Piano and Play M&M computer games. Of course my mother was always mad at me for spending too much time playing M&M games and the result is I spent much more time on playing piano instead, which qualifies me for composing music for M&M, I think. :)

In your opinion, what makes good game music?

Jason Graves: I think a proper game score should highlight the emotional journey of the character, underscoring their progression through the game as they learn more about the world they are in. In a word, it’s about EMOTION

Roc Chen: Game music is different from "music". If I make my own music I can create and do whatever I want, but when I'm creating game music, I really want to think "how can my music help this game?" So communication with the game development team is really important. Luckily for M&M Legacy, Ubisoft's sound team truly understands game audio. They know how music can help the game while they also give me a lot of freedom for composing. We hope every player has a great gaming experience. :)

Your message to the fans of Might & Magic?

Jason Graves: You guys are amazing! Might and Magic is such a time-honored, incredible franchise. I’m so excited to be part of it and look forward to what it has in store for all of us next. Feel free to come visit me on Facebook and Twitter. It’s always a blast hearing from you.

Roc Chen: I hope you enjoy the new M&M Legacy game. If you had a great time in this game and forgot my music was even playing, I would be happy because it means my music has lead you into the world of M&M Legacy. :)

Source: Ubisoft

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