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Balrum - Updates #16, Role-Playing and Kicking It Forward

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-29 12:28:27

The Balcony team has another update for Balrum. This time the topics include how you role play, and announcing they have joined  Kicking It Forward.

Balrum is an RPG, but what is your role in the game? Who are you?

You are a 20 year old farmer boy who lives with his grandfather. During your years you learned how to be a decent carpenter, how to take care of your grandfather's farm and how to be a somewhat acceptable hunter. So in chapter one you will be playing the role of a young boy. People will ask you to help them build houses or repair structures, help in hunting and help with other people's farms.

You have a strong connection with your grandfather because he is the only family you know. Your parents died before your people entered the Dark Woods. You often ask about your parents but your grandfather always tells you that it's better if you don't know about them. Everyone in the Dark Woods like you, but somehow they seem distant. After chapter one you will know much more about yourself and you will have a purpose to leave the Dark Woods and explore the entire world of Balrum, from here on your actions will define the role that you play.

Kicking It Forward:

We are proud to announce that we joined the Kicking It Forward Community!
We are pledging to put at least 5% of our profits back into the Kickstarter Community.


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