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Dishonored - The Evolution of Stealth

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-29 12:50:24

VG247 has a new article about the new Brigmore Witches DLC, and how Dishonored has evolved the stealth genre.

Dishonored may have been the return to stealth that many fans of Thief were waiting for, but Bare felt that the team is always learning more about the genre with each passing day. It’s an iterative learning process that develops as the studio puts out more content. I asked Bare if he feels the studio has learned a lot over the past few years about the genre and how to keep it evolving.

“Oh totally,” he replied.” Just one example is the introduction of Blink. The thing that’s fun to me in the learning process is taking things that are traditional about the stealth genre – when you look back at games like Thief – and then taking that formula and adding new elements to see how it transforms the experience.

“So for us, one thing was the introduction of Blink, and it turned stealth into something that was … I mean you can still play it slow if you want to, but instead of that slow, super-tense, creeping gameplay, it almost made you feel more like a ninja in what I like to call ‘fast stealth’. Suddenly you can zip across a room and it made stealth feel ‘action-ey’, if that makes sense?”

It did make sense and I agree; the stealth genre is one of my most favourite in gaming, and I felt that Blink, along with Corvo’s pared-back tool-set of gadgets and abilities really did give players many traversal and sneaking options in Dunwall’s complex environment. The studio could have went balls-out in adding tons of skills, but it was sensible in making the ones you had truly matter.

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