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Dragon Commander - News Roundup

by Myrthos, 2013-07-29 12:52:59

Here are some previews based on the beta version of Dragon Commander.

First there is this preview on multiplayer from Gametactics.

When the match starts, like most RTS games, you have to build structures to research and create new and more powerful units, each with a its own wait time. You can use the mouse to free look from an overhead perspective or click on a section of the mini-map to zip to that location. The twist here in this game though is that you are a commander who can become a dragon that can fly overhead and shoot down enemy units and structures. This gives the player a more active and exciting role in their bids for conquering the opposition. The Dragon is powerful so they can only be out for a limited time, or until their health drains. When the dragon dies, you can re-summon it again, but it will take time and consume a lot of resources to do so. Judicious and effective use of the Dragon will be essential to winning many battles. And it should be noted that the Dragon has a jet-pack Yes, a jet-pack…truly goofy, but if it helps the dragon fight, why not?

Then there is this review at Rage3D covering some of the technical aspects of the game.

Performance is very consistent, although limited: excepting one instance where I dropped to 30 and experienced major stuttering while talking to a crew member, the game stays at a constant 60 (unfortunately the maximum, at least for now).

PC enthusiasts should find themselves pretty satisfied with the technical aspects of Larian's latest come release time; the framerate cap is my only major complaint as of now.

And this video of a play session from Corsual at Twitch.tv.


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