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Shadowrun Returns - Review Roundup #5

by Myrthos, 2013-07-31 12:09:55

Perhaps one day we will have one too, but for now I'll just add these 3 reviews to the long list of reviews that we already covered for Shadowrun Returns.

Destructoid, 8.5

As a standalone experience, Dead Man's Switch is a delight: a clever but short whirlwind tour of the oft depressing world of the shadowrunner. It is not, however, the entirety of Shadowrun Returns. Instead, it merely serves as an example of what can be crafted with the complex editor tool that all players have access to.

GamesRadar, 3.5/5

It’s been awhile since the last traditional Shadowrun experience, so it’s great to see this one bring back the classic feel of the series and updates it to fit this generation. It may not last long and it may have issues with its save feature, but the time spent adventuring in this futuristic vision of Seattle will be well worth any frustrations you may encounter. If you’re looking for an engaging throwback to a classic that features a great story, missions, and a fun combat system, Shadowrun Returns won’t disappoint.


I find it hard to provide a verdict for Shadowrun Returns. On one hand, it has clear flaws, some that are even glaring. It’s short as hell, and a playthrough will take you something around 13 hours tops. Its replay value is a bit questionable. It’s more of a fast-food kind of deal than an actual full-scale game.

On the other hand, you have to be fair and keep in mind the game's limited budget in the context of its flaws. Not to mention that the peanuts this game costs offer you a tremendous ratio of bang for your buck. There's also the prospect of fan-made scenarios coming out from the editor. And, finally, what I guess has the most (albeit subjective) say on the matter, is that I simply fragging enjoyed my time with the game. I'm keeping my fingers crossed tightly for the upcoming official campaign in Berlin that's supposed to have a more open world and more side missions.

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