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Frontiers - Survey Incoming

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-01 00:11:30

Frontiers has a quick update letting the backers know surveys have been sent out.

Alrighty - all the Amazon Payments are in and I'm sending out the long-awaited surveys tomorrow. I'll keep this short and sweet (Please read the entire update!)

  • If you want to vote on the SERIOUS BUSINESS feature requests, do it in the survey - this is your only shot!
  • If your reward includes Beta access and you want in on the Alpha, vote 'YES' to Alpha access in the survey - even if you've already applied!
  • All surveys need to be completed. We can only send the survey out ONCE!
  • Add-ons will be handled in Backerkit, so you won't see them in the survey. DON'T PANIC! You'll get your chance to choose/add/swap your add-ons later.

After most of the surveys have come back I'll send you info about Backerkit and announce the winning SERIOUS BUSINESS features.

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