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Dark Souls II - Preview @ VGRevolution

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-01 01:06:02

VGRevolution has the latest preview for Dark Souls II.

We recently went to an event to check out Namco Bandai’s latest titles. At the event we obviously made sure we checked out one of the most mutually loved/hated titles in the world, Dark Souls II.

During this demo i decided to pick the warrior, as you begin you start off in a dungeon where I headed down a ladder only to be greeted by a few undead soldiers. After fighting these opponents I found myself at a doorway leading to a lower level. As I enter the stairway it’s pitch-black unable to see what’s in front of me. I decided to run back to light a torch.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get past this part of the demo…seriously.

Releasing next March, Dark Souls 2 will remain as tough as its predecessors with a few tweaks and changes. Disregard any mention of this game being too easy for mainstream consumers.
The AI is now more immersed into the way you fight, for example – you’re attacking a monster with a certain strategy and it reaches a certain point of health, the enemy will changes tactics and kill you without warning, as you try to adjust to his new attacks.

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