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Dragon Commander - Preview @ Gamegrin

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-02 00:53:57

Gamegrin has the latest preview based on the Dragon Commander beta.

I'm very much in love with the dragon inclusion to the RTS format, and can't wait to see it used to its full potential come release day on the 6th August. And this is just one side to the full game – with so many different modes of play all rolled into one, the appeal of DDC is widespread, and by the looks of it, the balance between RTS, RPG, board game and trading card game is spot on.

Imagine the best bits from Mass Effect, Command & Conquer, Risk and Magic: The Gathering all mashed seamlessly together, then throw a dragon into the mix and you're looking at something much greater than the sum of its parts, and a suitable contender for game of the year (even though it will most certainly be GTA V).

Despite some teething problems with a fair few bugs, the developers are working hard with the beta testers to iron out the game-breakers and provide you with a perfect version of a great gaming experience come the 6th August. Watch this space for a full review soon.

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