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Nuclear Union - Preview @ Just Press Start

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-03 07:37:07

Just Press Start brings us a new preview of Nuclear Union. The article even links to an audio interview with Game Producer Denis Maltsev. 

I DID find it a bit jarring that the world felt lived IN, but didn’t feel quite ALIVE yet, if that makes sense.  There were lots of folks going about their lives, but they couldn’t be interacted with yet, making the bustling compound I was exploring feel more desolate than it was.  I know that NPCs have to be added, quests need to be fleshed out, and so on, and I’m confident the team will be fleshing things out considerably as development continues.  It must be said that the characters I DID meet were more realistic than many NPCs I’ve dealt with in other games, with a true sense of purpose and definite agendas.  Have I mentioned yet that I was really digging this game?

Nuclear Union is impressive right out of the gate.  However, I do have major concerns about the localization.  I know Denis Maltsev and company are trying to tell a particular story from the former Soviet point of view, but it still needs to be accessible and engaging to non history buffs in the west in order to be successful here.  A great translation (such as the kind Carpe Fulgur provides for Easy Game Station titles like Recettear) along with some solid voice acting will go a long way here.  In any case, I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished product in Q2 2014, and you should be as well.

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