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Gods & Heroes - Interview @ Ten Ton Hammer

by Dhruin, 2006-10-17 07:53:02

Ten Ton Hammer catches up with Chris 'Binky' Launius, the Community Manager for Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising.

Ten Ton Hammer: Beta testing has become more high profile in recent years. Has the increase in beta testers lessened the quality of testing?

Chris "Binky" Launius: I don't think that it has lessened the quality of beta testers as much as it has given us a much wider variety of play styles to get feedback from. Sure there are some people who just want to play the game and have no intention of ever giving you feedback. Those players can also be very helpful. The more people you can get into a pre-launch product, the more accurately the other beta testers who are hardcore and focused on finding bugs and balance issues can test the game and give valuable and relevant feedback.


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