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RoA: Blade of Destiny HD - Several Patches Released

by Gorath, 2013-08-04 22:50:48

While the Blade of Destiny remake obviously has been released in an unfinished state, there's also good news: So far the developers are releasing a patch every 1-2 days, usually at 8 pm CET. Here is the patch log for v1.07. I'll post the other logs in the news thread.

Patch 1.07 - August 4th, 2013 (8pm GMT+2)
Character: Fix hang for All negative attributes mined
Character: Recalculate Armor mali on Levelup
Trade: Fix free Healers
Tavern: Fix wrong dialogs Branches
System: Performance Setting impact vastly improved
Towns: Improved Animations of the new NPCs
Dungeon: Fix Old Bailey Quest
Dungeon: Fix empty chests in spidercave (only works with new games as chest status resides in Savegame after first entrance)
Camp: Waterskin refill fixed
Dungeon: Fix pirate cave door
Camp: Fix Savegame Time forward
Towns: Add “Master Dramosh” in front of Old Bailey
Towns: Leave House Tooltip fixed
Questbook: Actually hide Hidden quests
Townmap Rybon fixed
.System: Fixed Save/Load-Game-Error on with new Characters, old Savegames should work again

In the works (on top of the schedule):
- Fight Fleeing NPCs (time ran out because of the performance update)
- Class-Specific Equipment Restrictions (the same)
- More Dungeon Fixes
 - More Bugfixes, as always

All patch logs and the plans for the next few patches can be found in the official forum.

Thanks HiddenX!

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