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Might & Magic X - The Defender and Portrait Expressions

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-08 01:10:42

Limbic Entertainment has a few more updates for us to enjoy today so lets get on with  the newsbit.

Up first a new post asks us,"Did you want more portrait expressions?".

Since the production announcement of MMX, we’ve been reading through all the different forums talking about MMX. And one of the things, which jumped to our eyes very quickly, was your wish to have portrait expressions.

Next they introduce us to the next class you can play called,"The Defender".

Dwarves are sturdy, and the Defender is the best example for that. He can take lots of damage with his heavy armor and huge shield before he falls. The axe is his favorite weapon and he is a capable melee fighter, still his real strength lies in the protection of others.

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