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Might & Magic X - The MMX Combat System

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-09 00:53:56

Might & Magic X has a new update on it's open development blog talking about the combat system.

Hey everyone,

Some time ago on the Ubisoft MMX forum, MagixJonsn asked whether there "will be static idiot enemies in the game?". Although we cannot reveal too much today about the intellectual status of monsters in MMX, we can say for sure they're not static. Want to know more about the fighting mechanics in MMX? Brace yourselves and read on!

Fighting in MMX - the basics

In MMX, combat is turn-based, which means your party and their opponents take turns fighting. While you make your move, they can only react (e.g. block an attack) and vice versa. The turn is split into several phases. The first one is the turn of the party, the second one is the monster's turn. The last phase is used by the environment for triggers, spawning, et cetera.

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