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Dragon Commander - Review Roundup #5

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-10 00:27:36

Here is the next roundup of reviews for Dragon Commander. 

Incgamers - 8/10

Despite the difficulties associated with embarking on such a genre-hopping title, Larian has created a unique, engrossing combination of strategy, political choice and rapid battlefield command. That they’ve managed to produce something able to compete with the Civilizations and Total Wars of this world on the budget of a much smaller studio makes this game something of a minor miracle. Amidst the wealth of strategic options available to PC players this year, Dragon Commander should not be overlooked.

Edge - 7/10

It’s very silly, Dragon Commander. It’s a game in which you legislate on universal healthcare and fair trade before beating your scaled, leathery wings across a battlefield. But it hangs together because its distinct strands feed into one another just enough, even if that relationship is as crude as a dialogue tree leading to you gaining a stat-altering card that you can play during the campaign phase. Decisions have consequences in Dragon Commander, and that’s something any budding leader, dragon or not, needs to know.

ZTGD - 8/10

Divinity: Dragon Commander is a classic example of the sum of the whole being greater than its individual parts. Separating each part to itself, it feels as though it’s been done better elsewhere. The turn based strategy was a lot more compelling in Civ 5 and the real time strategy was a lot more interesting in Starcraft 2. However, put everything together into one single package and I can safely say that there is no other game quite like it out there. It’s the foundation of something that could be a classic. Like the first person to ever put together peanut butter and jelly, now they just gotta put it on some bread.

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