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The Elder Scrolls - Where Does The Elder Scrolls Go From Here?

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-11 00:07:16

US Gamer has an interesting article about the future of The Elder Scroll games.

So what form will The Elder Scrolls VI take? The franchise stands at a sort of crossroads right now. Skyrim pushed the boundaries of visual quality and persistence within the series. With a few minor mods, its PC version can be downright stunning, and it has a remarkable capacity to remember what's changed -- even an arrow you fired off and lost track of 100 hours earlier. Skyrim also pushed the limits of console hardware, barely even running on PlayStation 3 and making the Xbox 360 whimper for mercy as well.  

At the same time, Skyrim greatly simplified many of the series' mechanics, much to the dismay of long-time enthusiasts. While some of its streamlining proved to be a welcome sight -- did anyone really miss the Acrobatics stat, which inevitably inspired players to grind for it by jumping like idiots from one end of Tamriel to the other? -- the loss of other features struck some players as an unfortunate dumbing-down of the game to appeal to the console audience. The simplified menu system, for example, worked perfectly on a console controller, but those who preferred mouse-and-keyboard controllers detested it.


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