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PotBS - Developer Log @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2006-10-17 23:44:31

A new developer log at the official Pirates of the Burning Sea site takes a closer look at career paths.

In Pirates of the Burning Sea, there's going to be numerous ways to get your character to level cap: Solo missions, group missions, career missions, legendary missions, epic missions... The list goes on. One of the paths that I'm particularly excited about is what we're calling the Career Story Arc. This is a story line designed for solo play that your character can follow all the way up to level 50. It consists of missions that focus on role-playing, character development, and plot. Since our mission system allows for dialogue trees and branching story lines, we want to make the most of these great features to give the player a better role-playing experience. Two of the common failings of current MMORPG's is the lack of a coherent, compelling story line and the ability to give players a sense that they are important. Typically, a MMO player is made to feel like a peon in a horde of hi-level characters rather than a hero with an important role to play in world events. Pirates of the Burning Sea is going to change that with the Career Story Arc.


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