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Frontiers - Here comes Backerkit!

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-11 00:22:01

Frontiers has another post-funding update dealing with the Backerkits.

Much as it pains me to ask you to use another system to complete your Kickstarter journey, Backerkit really is the way to go. (Take note Kickstarter - this is how it's done!)

  • If you filled out a KS survey we'll send a Backerkit invite to your Kickstarter email. 
  • If you over-pledged for add-ons, Backerkit is how you'll make your choice. This is also where you can get after-the-fact add-ons, or swap them out for something different, etc. (Don't assume I already know what add-ons you want, even if you messaged me!)
  • Finishing the survey is how you get your invite. If you haven't finished your KS survey yet, do so. (If you lost your survey email, here's how to find your survey without it.
  • If you don't have/want any add-ons then this whole step is optional. (If you have a physical reward it's still helpful to confirm your shipping address, though.)
Got questions about Backerkit? Here's an FAQ for you. It's all pretty straightforward though; just follow the link on your invite when you get it and you should be fine.

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