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Balrum - Update #23, New Addons

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-12 00:35:02

Balrum has a new kickstarter update about new addons you can add to your pledge.

Kickstarter only Add-Ons! What are add-ons? They're nice extras that you can add to your existing reward level, regardless of the reward you claimed. If you want an add-on, just increase your pledge without changing your existing reward. You can buy multiple addons. At the end of the campaign you'll receive an official email asking which add-on you wanted.

If you have a 200$ or more reward you will recieve all addons (if you want)!

DRM free digital soundtrack $8 : Get a digital copy of the music of Balrum.  
Extra copy of Balrum $10 : Now that you backed us you can get yourself, or for your friend, another copy of the game for less! 
Create a Magical Item $15 : Create your item that we will place in the world! Specify the item type, write it's lore, it's stats, describe it's icon! We will make an icon for it based on your description! 
Special animal tamer $20 : There are a few really exotic animals in the world of Balrum. You will be able to tame these animals. Players without this addon will be able to tame all the animals except these special ones. (these special animals are mainly cosmetically different but they will have a little extra in them from a gameplay standpoint) 
Ring of light! $20 : You will recieve a ring right when you start the game. This ring emits a constant light that is not flickering and if you have it you don't need to use torches. You can specify the color of the light!
Bulk, get them all $60 : Get every Add-On for a special price!

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