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Meriwether - Post-Funding Update #35

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-12 00:59:24

Meriwether has a new post-funding update talking about the developers trip to the annual conference of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation.

Walking through the fort confirmed my feeling that we’ve done a remarkable job designing our 3D model. Certainly there are some differences between the actual recreation and our model of Fort Mandan. For instance, notice that the doors on our model below swing inward (nobody knows for sure which way the door swung, but opening inward would make it more defensible.) 


The original fort was only built to last a single winter, but the modern reproduction needs to stand the test of time. They also have to take maintenance and safety into consideration, and obviously we don’t need to worry about with our model.


We’ve also been making great headway on the game itself. Next week we are having a mega-crunch session where we plan to work as hard as the Corps while they were crossing the snowy Bitterroots. At the end of that crunch, we’ll send another update with our progress on the game, including our beautiful new 3D models of Clark and different Native American characters. Although we still have plenty of work ahead of us, we’re still more or less on-schedule; we’re planning to release the game by the end of this year. Our initial draft of all the dialogue is almost complete, and Beta is fast-approaching!

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