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Expeditions: Conquistador - Review @ Flash of Steel

by Myrthos, 2013-08-12 12:15:27

Flash of Steel checks out Expeditions: Conquistador and pays special attention to it's historical correctness or lack thereof.

In short, Expeditions: Conquistador gets the balance of the historical message completely right – the people that chose to become conquistadors were brave, foolhardy and largely doomed. Cortes is, rightfully, seen today as one of the harbingers of genocide in the Americas; his success in Mexico led to a rush of gold seekers and brutal governors. But he was also the kind of man that gets legends told about him because what he did seemed impossible.

The tactical battles in Conquistador are, unfortunately, the weakest part of the game. To their credit, they aren’t as incomprehensible as many of the battles in Omerta or as repetitive as the admittedly awesome fights in XCom. But they also don’t make a lot of sense. Why am I restricted to six fighters if I am being ambushed? Why is this jungle path so conveniently strewn with fallen logs for cover? How did that poison Taino arrow get through my armor? Why did I screw up and choose a priest instead of a hunter for this fight? (Ok, that last one is my fault.)

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