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Will to Survive - Update #5, Ammunition

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-13 00:25:42

Will to Survive has a new kickstarter update were the developer talks about ammunition.

I've been beavering away designing and drawing some of the other survivors who will be living in the world along with Will which I was hoping to show as an update, the art isn't quite finished just yet so instead I thought I would give you a bit more info on the role ammunition will play in the game.

Ammo is a bit different in Will to Survive, you'll be able to find different types of each round and will even be able to craft your own once you have learnt how. You could be adding phosphorus to some shotgun shells to create incendiary ammo or applying unknown alien liquids to the tips of bullets to test the effects. Everything that you can collect in the game will have a purpose, that purpose could just be to harvest chemicals or other supplies... ever wondered how much gunpowder is in a firework?

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