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Shroud of the Avatar - Telethon of the Avatar

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-13 00:41:09

Ultimacodex brings word of a telethon to raise more funds for Shroud of the Avatar.

Rustic Dragon had something…massive…planned for later this month. All the anticipation, all the teasing, has been build-up for this:

That’s right…Rustic intends to hold a 24-hour marathon fundraising drive for Shroud of the Avatar, and aims to raise $1,000,000 more for Richard Garriott’s upcoming project.

Now, it goes without saying that what Rustic Dragon is doing is in no way officially affiliated with Portalarium or development on Shroud of the Avatar. However, Rustic Dragon would like to see that project’s coffers enriched, and is putting on this event to stoke more interest in Shroud of the Avatar…and to encourage people to pledge (or pledge more) to its development. He won’t be collecting pledges at his site; pledges should be made to Portalarium at the Shroud of the Avatar website.

For more details, check out the FAQ page that Rustic Dragon has set up. And get ready for August 24th; it’s going to be a big day!

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