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Dungeon Delvers - New Update @ Official Site

by Dhruin, 2006-10-18 02:20:34

Only two days affter the last update, CrossCut has kicked up another update on the development of Dungeon Delvers.

A lovely crisp morning here at CrossCut Games. And I'm working on the team bonus special effect. In case you've forgotten, oh true believer, a big part of Delvers is putting together your Guild. You can attract new Delvers as you gain fame from Adventures. But who do you bring into the Guild? One option is to put together a team - like the Bluebloods or the Treehuggers. The more team members you have, the better they are - they like each other, they play well together and you get nice bonuses. Have 2 team members? Good. 3? Really good. 4? Perfect match - awesome bonuses! Extremely cool. And so I'm working up the special effects that happen when those bonuses are applied.

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