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Balrum - Update #24, The last 48 hours!

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-14 00:57:47

Balrum is entering the the last 40 hours and has another update for us. It's looking grim at this point but there is still time.

Hi there you guys! :) So much passion around the project! We are at the 48 hours mark! We still have a way to go, but we can do it! :)

Let's talk about the gift first :)

If you backed our project you will receive the expansion of Balrum for free!! The expansion will mainly focus on the islands of Balrum. So yes, if you helped us out here on Kickstarter you will get the expansion for free! We are super excited about this :), one word: voodoo, ok two words: voodoo, underworld. And.. you will be able to download 2 high resolution wallpapers. One Balrum wallpaper and one wallpaper about the expansion! And again, we deeply thank you for your support folks! Thank you!

Special Dungeon:

All of our backers will receive a special key that will unlock a special dungeon that can be found in the underground city. The underground city is where people escaped from the fiery wrath of the old gods ages ago. This is a special dungeon, you can only leave by the exit not the entrance. It will be a challenging dungeon with lots of surprises and secrets! Non backers will also be able to access this dungeon but they need to find the key and finding it will be a long process.

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