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InXile Entertainment - The Indie Revolution

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-14 01:08:52

The A List Daily has a new article about Brain Fargo, Wasteland 2, and the indie revolution.

InXile Entertainment was quick to take advantage of the Kickstarter revolution, and now is eyeing the possibilities for consoles in the future. Wasteland II has been delayed by six weeks, but the beta will release on the original schedule. It's quite a feat for any game developer for a project of this size and scope. The [a] list daily sat down with InXile CEO Brian Fargo, long-time veteran of the industry, to discuss the pending arrival of Wasteland II and the changing game market.

Fargo wants to create a great RPG in the classic tradition, and from the appearance of the software in its current form he's succeeding. “I want to make it unbelievable,” said Fargo. “I want to show that you can make an unbelievable game without a publisher.” Fargo's lined up a top-flight team of writers and designers (including the team from the original Wasteland) along with experienced programmers and artists using Unity to build a game that looks like a very worthy successor to the original RPG.

The focus is on quality, according to Fargo. “Here's the great thing. If I take money from a publisher, what do they want at the end of the day? They want to make a profit,” Fargo points out. “If I take money from my neighbors, friends, and family, they want their money back, and probably a small profit. If I take it from a VC, they want to make a profit. Money from crowdsourcing? They just want a good game. It's the most pure form of financing you can get. Universally, people say, take your time, get it right. We've waited 20 years, don't worry about it. You know what a relief that is?”

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