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Might & Magic X - Gamescom and Dungeon Layout Semi-finals

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-16 00:44:46

Limbic Entertainment will be hosting a special fanday at Gamescom 2013, and RPGwatch will be there also.

We are all really excited now as we are going to meet some of you for the exclusive FAN DAY (Wednesday, 21st), for example:

Representatives of RPG Codex, RPG watch, Celestial Heavens, Might & Magic World, Acidcave as well as some members from Heroes online, and Duel of Champions. Last but not least, we should not forget to mention our winner from the Open Dev Contest: Dafunkjoker.

Fan day participants will mingle with key speakers, play different Might & Magic games, take part in discussions, loot some goodies - and they will be sent out on a special quest. I am sure they’ll tell you soon more about that on their websites, and of course we’ll keep you updated on our blog, too.

Do you want to meet us, too, play Might & Magic and win T-Shirts or one of the magical floppy discs? Visit us at our booth between 21st - 23rd August!

Also the semi-finals for the Dungeon Layout Contest are ready for your votes.

Finally, the semi-finals for the dungeon layout contest have started! Our team has discussed all your contributions thoroughly, and it was really hard for us to pick the nine finalists you can see below.

All of you who participated have put so much effort in this, and you had such great ideas! So again, thank you to all who put their time and energy in this. You did all very well, and it’s great to work on a game that has such dedicated fans.

Some of you have been really motivated and even sent us detailed story and dialogs for the dungeons. While we'll try to stay as close as possible to your idea and vision, please keep in mind we'll certainly have to rewrite and adapt your texts so they fit the general tone, style and setting of Might & Magic X - Legacy. 

To cut a long story short, below you can see the semi-finalists. We need your help now, picking the three you think are the best. That means, you have up to three votes, but if you think only one of the contributions is worthy, feel free to name only one (or two, if you think two are good).

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