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Mother of Myth - Multi-platform Action RPG

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-16 01:22:31

First of all the next kickstarter I'm about to announce is being developed for smartphones, tablets and web browsers. You have been warned no protesting our arguing. The game is called Mother of Myth and it's described as the following:

Mother of Myth is an action role-playing game inspired by Greek and Roman mythology which puts the player into the heart of some of these classic stories. In this beautifully rendered 3D environment, you will learn how to be a rhapsodist, a hero who harnesses the power of spirits to defeat enemies and help save your village. Based on story-driven quests, you will explore a large variety of dungeons where you will have to fight against mythological beasts and discover the hidden truth behind the myths and legends.

The core features of Mother of Myth are:  

  • Having the option to use your favorite device to play Mother of Myth. 
  • Jumping into engrossing battles and defeat epic mythological beasts. 
  • Mastering non-stop swipe and combo attack skills. 
  • Collecting deity skill cards and harnessing their powers. 
  • Crafting and selling various items including weapons, armor, shields and helmets.

It seems interesting and who knows you might be surprised.Wink

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