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Balrum - Funded With A Miracle

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-16 01:36:57

Well a miracle did happen as Balrum earned over $13,000 in one day to get funded. Here is the new update from The Balcony Team to thank everyone.

We are funded! Balrum will be as big as we wanted it to be, we don't have to scale back! :) Thank you for supporting us! A lot of you pledged an enormous amount to help us get funded!

Exciting things will happen with Balrum in the coming months and we will keep you informed here on kickstarter and at our webpage! It was a hard Kickstarter but we made it! We are so touched by the great feedback that we recieved from you guys! We will setup a PayPal option so that people can still support us! Check out our website or click on the PayPal logo on our Kickstarter page! (It will be up and running in a few days)

WOW this is amazing!!

Thank you again to all of you who made Balrum possible!
You made our dream possible!

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