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Shadowrun Returns - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-17 00:45:45

Shadowrun Returns has been patched on Steam to version 1.0.4. Here is some of the changes:

New Features, Improvements

- Steam Trading Cards are now available
- Shotguns: Kneecap cooldown reduced to 2 from 3
- Headshot: Critical hit chance increased. AP cost reduced to 1 from 2.
- Cooldown of 2 added.
- Drones: Aim now works like the Aim ability that normal characters use. AP cost reduced to 1 from 2, cooldown of 3 added.
- UI Tweaks and revisions.
- Increased ESP movement speed so they can keep up with their masters.
- Updated tutorial about essence loss and spell slots.
- Slightly improved load times between levels for some users.
- Editor: New trigger “Remove prop by tag.”
- Editor: New trigger “Remove item by skill type.”
- Editor: New trigger “Check for weapon holster state.”
- Editor: Allow heal HP Damage trigger to revive

Also the Nexus now has a new site for mods to give another option to those that don't want to use the Steam Workshop.

I’ve received an unprecedented number of requests to release a site to help support the Shadowrun Returns community. Shadowrun Returns was one of the first high-profile video game success stories to come from Kickstarter when it received over 400% of the funding that was initially requested and the game was launched towards the end of July to much fanfare

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