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Dragon Commander - Review @ PC Gamer

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-18 00:47:35

PC Gamer posted a new review for Dragon Commander and gave it a score of 85/100.

What jets Dragon Commander into the realm of games-you’ll-remember- ten-years-from-now isn’t the nitty gritty of battles, it’s the plethora of characters and choices that swirl around them. The lulls between bloodbaths teem with decisions, few of which are trivial or dull. That conscription policy you nodded through a couple of turns ago? It wasn’t popular with the elves so, during the coming engagement in the elven province of Romentell, your pop cap will be far from ideal. You built a tavern in Thornburg on Turn 3 rather than a goldmine? That means you’ve now got a hand full of useful mercenary cards, but can’t afford to employ Edmund or Scarlett to lead your hirelings in the unanticipated Bhargandium battle.

Larian understand that playing an RTS doesn’t have to mean spending days as That Incorporeal Dude Who Choreographs Combat And Clicks Through Cutscenes. Jawing with generals, ambassadors and aides in the handsome interior of your mothership, the Raven, instils a palpable sense of self. You’re a bastard prince with dragon blood singing in his veins. Surrounded by quirk and colour, and free to campaign in whatever fashion you choose, it’s bally easy to overlook DDC’s lack of tactical temerity.

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