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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Mage vs. Templars - A Rivalry Explained

by Aries100, 2013-08-19 23:46:25

Game Informer continues their coverage for DA: Inquistion. This time it is all about how Bioware set up the Templar vs. Mages conflict in the universe that is Dragon Age. And how the Inquistion deals with this conflict:

This time around, it's not about extreme viewpoints, though. You've seen both groups at their worst; now it's time to see the other side. [....] "And now in Dragon Age: Inquisition we want to show the player the people who feel that they're right. That they're on the side of good, not from the side of, ‘I am an extremist who has this view that might be hard to understand,' [but] more, ‘This is why my position is morally correct.'"

Decisions will be even more diffcult and harder this time around:

The questions are bound to get more complicated, and BioWare has put a lot of thought into your role as the Inquisitor. "Making the decision harder is stopping and thinking, ‘What is the right outcome? What do I want out of this problem? What do I need to have happen?'" Gaider says. "For some players that's very simple, but if you can have an argument about it, that makes it Dragon Age."

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