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Might & Magic X - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-20 01:06:16

Well now that early access has begun I have a bunch of newsbits to share with you. First credit goes to HiddenX for posting the links in the forums.

Limbic Entertainment has two posts on the games development blog. The first post announces that you can,"Play MMX Early Access now!"

The Early Access of Might and Magic X – Legacy is available now!

Through this early version of the game we will give you the opportunity to start your great journey in the peninsula of Agyn. You will be able to complete the game’s first Act (out of four) and to test four classes (out of twelve) so that you can get a first impression of what MMX looks and feels like.

We hope you use this exclusive hands-on experience in the universe of Might & Magic X – Legacy to take part in the game development process, sharing with developers your own feedback, expectations and ideas.

Actually, “Early Access” means the game is "work in progress", contains bugs and does not represent the final game’s quality. We are still developing and as a consequence we really need you to post and comment on our dedicated forums to make your opinion matter. Although we simply can’t fulfill all of your wishes, we always consider your input thoroughly and work hard to deliver you the best classic Might & Magic game you dream of!

Next we have the,"Dungeon Layout Contest: The finalists."

Thanks again for being so creative and for sending in all these great dungeon layout proposals for the special community dungeon! All of them were really great and the devs were relieved that they did not have to choose: Only three dungeon layout proposals were going to make it into the finals!

The whole community had time to vote until yesterday and we received a lot of opinions. So thanks to all of you for submitting these as well!

Moving on RPG Codex has a new preview for your reading pleasure.

Might & Magic X: Legacy is in “open development.” This basically means the game has a more open beta phase and that the developers are actually listening to fans for feedback. I suppose, in a way, this preview is part of that. It also looks like Might and Magic X: Legacy will be using Uplay, Ubisoft's notorious DRM. I don't like it, you probably don't like it, but that's how it is. Perhaps Ubisoft can be convinced to release a DRM-free version on GOG or something at a later date.

Even though the preview code had some bugs (as is usual) and only covers Act 1 with a limited party selection, I must say I had a lot of fun playing it. More fun than I had imagined, me being a Might and Magic-newbie and all. The presentation is modern, with a colorful and slightly stylized art direction, yet the gameplay feels very true to dungeon-crawling classics of olden tymes. With more classes to choose from in the full game, and depending on how other acts play out, I can imagine the game having some really good replayability value.

And for last we have a new seventeen minute gameplay video.

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