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PotBS - Grumpy Old Gamer vs Flying Labs @ GCC

by Dhruin, 2006-10-18 06:43:46
GameClubCentral has an article titled Grumpy Old Gamer vs Flying Labs Software that is actually a visit report on Pirates of the Burning Sea:

GCC’s Grumpy Old Gamer recently visited the offices of Flying Lab Software for an onsite interview centering upon their upcoming release – Pirates Of The Burning Sea. This is the first of two articles from that visit, this once focusing upon the company itself…

Russell Williams – Flying Lab Executive Producer“Our biggest asset is our ambition, almost to a fault...” Russell Williams – Flying Lab Executive Producer

In order to save myself the long drive to get from the peninsula I live on to Downtown Seattle where Flying Lab Software makes its home, I decided to take the 25 minute ferry across the Puget Sound (inland salt water). As typical to make me go from happy to Grumpy, I dropped from the clear skies on the hill down to the fog covered Ferry Terminal to encounter the behind schedule ferry. Grrr, is this the indication of my day?
As you will see, absolutely not!

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